XXL Titan Mithril Blue and Brass D100



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XXL Titan Mithril Blue and Brass D100

Introducing the Titan -  a colossal metal d100 that dwarfs ordinary dice, designed to elevate your tabletop gaming experience to epic proportions! Crafted from high-quality, solid metal, this massive 100-sided die is a seriously impressive addition to the table. With well shaped facets, the d100 rolls well, yet comes to a stop clearly on an upper number. 

Reasons to Love this Set

It's like a cannonball! Effortlessly tackle any 1-100 scenario - whether navigating complex RPG systems or resolving critical in-game events, this giant d100 delivers!

The Titan makes for an unforgettable gift for tabletop gaming enthusiasts, dungeon masters, or anyone seeking to elevate their gaming sessions. It's a showpiece that brings joy and excitement to the gaming table.

Key Details

- Giant d100 in solid metal.

- Recommended for use in dice trays

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