Featured Artists

Our guest designers and featured artists are invited to produce limited collections for Gametee and are selected for their exceptional portfolios and inspirational professional practice. We are always pleased to welcome new submissions from artists and designers and we hope to celebrate, encourage and promote the art of videogames worldwide.


Winner of the Penguin International Design Prize 2012, Finalist in the British Northern Design Competition 2010, official festival artist of GameCity8, and co-director of Gametee, A.J. graduated with a prestigious Masters Degree with Distinction in Visual Communication and founded Gametee. AJ is responsible for most garment and product design on Gametee, and her vision informs much of our work and direction. As the Art Director of Gametee, AJ works alongside her team of personally selected artists to bring our customers scintillating series of the very finest videogame artwork. She attends every one of Gametee’s show appearances personally to sign her work for fans and customers and is committed to excellence in service at all levels of her business. AJ’s philosophy is deeds not words. Videogames are in her heart and soul.


Luke Parker is one of the industry's freshest and brightest new talents, graduating with an BA Honours in Visual Communication – Illustration, Parker was selected to appear in New Designers One Year On 2012 with his compelling selection of anatomical illustrations. An experienced comic artist, Parker's work has been featured in the prestigious Memoirs of the Mysterious. Currently Parker is producing a comic based around the Elephant Man which will be debuting with a Kickstarter campaign shortly. Parker is responsible for the Gaming Comic Book Series, which combines video gaming culture and a pulp aesthetic. Luke's work is characterised by his strong line work and a true appreciation of the art of games.

Francesca Matthews, AKA Pythos, is a prominent concept artist best known for her well-loved and technically masterful portrayal of dragons. Inspired by video games, her work brings an elegant touch of drama and fantasy to your walls. Previously a student at the prestigious SCAD, Francesca is a resident of North Carolina and is a regular exhibitor at US conventions. Her work is inspired by video games and the fantasy books that she has loved and read since childhood. Outside of her artistic career she enjoys hiking and experiencing the wilderness.

Belle Hissam studies at the Appalachian State University in the beautiful Boone, North Carolina. They are currently working toward a Bachelors Fine Art Degree with a focus on pen work, drawing and form. Their exquisite pointillist renderings are produced entirely by hand. At 19 years old, Belle is the youngest member of Gametee's Art Team. Belle draws greatest inspiration from nature and organic forms, and has played video games avidly since the release of the Gamecube. Belle is interested in themes of decay, and this offers their work a unique, dark signature.

Jacob Briggs, graduate in Computer Games Modelling and Animation, is notable for his technically masterful, virally successful artwork collections and highly realistic digital painting. Official Concept Artist for Portal Stories: Mel, Jacob brings insight, humour and an incredible eye for detail to our team. Jacob is originally from a small village in Nottinghamshire, beside the ancient forest of Sherwood, and his favourite games are Fallout 2 and Abe’s Exoddus.

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