Our Story

The Brand

Gametee was founded in 2013 by two sisters, AJ and Lucy Hateley. Since then, the family has continued to guide and nurture the brand. Inspirational industry leaders, we invite our beloved customers to strategically invest in our largest projects, ensuring that we are able to bring beautifully designed products to life with their kind assistance. You can be proud that each purchase you make on Gametee not only supports independent business, but represents an investment in developing and improving our ethically produced ranges. 

Our Fundamental Differences.

Enrichment  is the Gametee Philosophy. We have an understanding of the extraordinary culture of games, because we are life-long gamers. To every product we craft, we bring a spirit of innovation and creativity. Everyone is welcome at our small, family-run business. Gametee was founded on the belief that games are not only a fundamental part of human expression, but a valuable, meaningful art form. We create items that enhance the culture we are immersed in - the finest quality, the most environmentally and socially conscious, and above all, the most beautiful.

Gametee is loved worldwide - and we cherish every one of our customers.

Our Founders:

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