Cherry Blossom Blade - Premium Metal Dice Set


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Cherry Blossom Blade - Premium Metal Dice Set

This is a set of metal dice that will last you a lifetime. They are solid and feel great in your hand. The set includes a d4, d6, d8, d10, d100, d12, and d20. They are very heavy, and roll well.

Reasons to Love this Set

A beautiful dice set shining, pearl-white metal, reminiscent of Japan and the way of the Bushido. Heavyweight and sharp, this intricately hand-enamelled set is an ideal addition to any warrior's equipment.

As this set is both sharp and very heavy, we highly recommend investing in a case for storage and rolling them on a mat or dice tray.

Key Details

- Seven polyhedral dice

- Heavy, premium quality metal

- Recommended for use in dice trays

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