Eye of the Dragon - Moving Eye Giant Liquid Core d20



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Eye of the Dragon - Moving Eye Giant Liquid Core d20

Premium large (33mm) Liquid Core d20 with a moving eyeball inside. 

Reasons to Desire

This large, sharp-edge d20 die is the talk of any table. With every roll, the internal eye swivels and whirls (the effect is quite ghastly) before finally staring upwards toward the number you have rolled! This slitted pupil is reminiscent of a dragon's reptilian eye - but it could also represent any number of predatory creatures or infernal foes!

Note: All liquid core dice contain a very minimal air bubble. This is completely normal and is a part of crafting liquid core dice. 


Key Details


- Liquid Core Sharp-Edge Moving Eye Dice

- Giant d20, measures 33mm

- Premium Liquid Core Dice

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