Kambaba Jasper Gemstone Dice Set


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Kambaba Jasper

Complete set of seven polyhedral dice hand-carved from rare, orbicular Kambaba Jasper.

A wonder, brought to us from billions of years hence, Kambaba Jasper is a type of  microcrystalline quartz interlaced with Stromatolites. What is a Stromatolite? A fossilised colony of blue-green micro-organisms. Each stone, therefore, contains evidence of the earliest forms of primeval life, three billion years old. It is difficult to believe that any life might have thrived in those turbulent astronomical times, making Kambaba Jasper both rare and remarkable.

Each dice is exquisitely shaped by hand, with glittering golden numbers finely engraved - not printed - into the stone itself. Due to the unique beauty of this gemstone, colour, translucency, lustre and finish will differ between each piece - no two sets will ever be alike. Truly, individually, forever your own.

“They will call me a traitor because I choose not to fight. Though my legacy will be stained, I will die with conviction for I have not sworn my blade to the king. Knights do not serve a mere title that will be held by many and fulfilled by few. I swore to protect the realm and her people. Thus, I will not turn my sword against those for whom I raised my shield.” The aged warrior tosses you a small bag bearing the royal sigil: imperial waystones. “Now if you would honor your oath, flee while you can.” He stands with effort, revealing a body criss-crossed with scars; two-score years' worth of battle. As he lifts a blade that seems to shimmer in the firelight, the valley echoes with the sound of shouting men and baying bloodhounds drawing ever nearer. “The last battle I fight is for tomorrow.”

Reasons to Love this Set

Hold a record of the beginnings of life on Earth in your palm. It is believed that the fossilised colonies of micro-organisms present in each piece of Kambaba Jasper were once the dominant form of life on earth and are even responsible for the Earth's oxygen atmosphere. Not only captivatingly beautiful with its circular formations, Kambaba Jasper is a fascinating scientific specimen.

Key Details

- Luxury Kambaba Jasper Gemstone Dice

- Includes complimentary hand crafted Leather Dice Pouch with the Motto 'Amor Fati' - Love Thy Fate - Worth £5.99 and included freely

- Seven precious polyhedral dice

- Hand-made and hand-engraved

- Recommended for use in dice trays

Director's Notes
Due to the nature of natural minerals, your unique dice may feature differences in colour, texture, and translucency to the set pictures. Importantly, your natural mineral dice are hand-crafted, not machined, and so may have faces that are slightly different in size. Engraved numbers may be off-centre, depending on seams or facets of the stone. There may be small differences in balancing between sets, due to the weight of the gemstone. We encourage you to embrace the individual beauty of natural precious stones and the age-old process of hand-crafting. Hard surfaces may damage your stones; please consider this when rolling.

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