XXL The Cheshire Cat - Moving Cat Face Liquid Core d20

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XXL The Cheshire Cat - Moving Cat Face Giant Liquid Core d20

Our largest ever (50mm) Liquid Core d20 with a moving cat face inside!

Reasons to Desire

Step into a world of wonder and mystery with this unique tabletop gaming masterpiece. Crafted with precision and bound to delight gamers and collectors alike, this oversized D20 die is unlike anything you've seen before.

Our biggest liquid core EVER! Embrace the magic of Wonderland with our 50mm Liquid Core D20 featuring the Cheshire Cat's enchanting grin.

@gameteeuk Cheshire Cat inspired d20! We have a limited number of this XXL Moving Liquid Core in stock for spooky season. Cat (and Alice) lovers rejoice! Just navigate to gametee.co.uk to snag one whilst stocks last! #fyp #dnd #aliceinwonderland #halloween #cheshirecat ♬ This Is Halloween - StockXL


Key Details

- Liquid Core Sharp-Edge Moving Cheshire Cat Dice

- Giant d20, measures 50mm

- Premium Liquid Core Dice

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