The Witch's Garden - Plants in Folklore, Magic and Traditional Medicine (Hardcover)


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The Witch's Garden (Hardcover)

From the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew

Wise women, apothecaries, witches, herbalists: whatever you call them, those who cultivate plants for their fabled mystical and healing properties have existed for hundreds of years...

The Witch's Garden describes over 50 of the world's most powerful, harmful, legendary and storied plants - from the screaming mandrake to calming St John's Wort, to predicting the weather with seaweed, the creation of salves for broken hearts, sore heads, protection from evil spirits and to even induce immortality. 

The Witch's Garden tells the story of our folkloric fascination with these magical specimens, documenting the beliefs and rituals surrounding the natural world.

Illustrated with pages from herbals held within the archives of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, along with botanical illustrations and archival images depicting magic and mayhem, The Witch's Garden beautifully evokes the bewitching nature of mysterious plants.

Fully Illustrated Resource

A perfect gift for players and GMs with a fascination for the lore, mysticism, and practical useage of plants. Heavily illustrated, each page is a new source of inspiration for potions, side-quests and riddles with a botanical leaning. Fill your character's medical chest with powders, populate your apothecaries with potions, or devise a Druid with domain over healing herbs. Beguiling and inspirational.

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