The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide


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The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide - Prompts and Activities to create the most interesting backstory for your character

By James D'Amato

Whether your player character is prowling around a moldy dungeon in search of gold,  dodging space pirates in a bucket of bolts ship, or battling a fully grown dragon to defend their homeland, a lot of the fun in RPGs comes from how  your character reacts to challenges.

Create compelling and entertaining stories for your RPG campaigns and adventures.

Activities Include:

- Save the Cat: Determine your character's alignment by the level of personal risk  they are willing to undertake in order to save a cat.

- Five Scars: Define the scars on your character's body from the years of adventuring.

- Monuments: Create a physical element of a setting tied to your character through writing prompts

- Prophecy Half-Remembered: Generate a prophesy known by, or of, your character.

A hundred narrative prompts, total! Bring your character to life!

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