The Isle of Cats

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The Isle of Cats

Playing time: 20-40 minutes  Players: 1-4   Ages: 8+

Prepare to embark on a whimsical feline-filled adventure with The Isle of Cats!

Imagine this: You're a curious explorer on a mysterious island, rescuing adorable cats from certain doom. It's like a heartwarming Pixar movie meets a strategic board game. It's your task to fit as many cats as possible onto your ship - and make sail before the island is destroyed by evil forces.

The rules? Arrange colourful Tetris-like tiles (technically polyominoes) to create cosy homes for your rescued kitties, all while collecting fishy treasures to lure more to your ship. Keep families of cats together if you can!

Cats come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, each with their unique quirks. It's like managing a quirky cat cafe where every patron has their personality. The puzzle aspect is purr-fect. Fitting the cats into your boat while choosing more cats to rescue creates compelling gameplay. With a definite round-limit in place, gameplay is swift and rewardingly concise.

The Isle of Cats is family-friendly fun that combines strategy and charm. It's a cat lover's dream come true, whisking you away to a world where every meow matters. Dive into this heartwarming adventure and let your love for feline friends shine!

Why We Recommend This Game

  • Unique Theme: The game's theme of rescuing and adopting cats on a mystical island is endearing and distinctive, appealing to animal lovers and gamers alike.
  • Beautiful Artwork: The delightful artwork captures the charm of cats and the whimsical island setting, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Engaging Puzzle: Fitting colorful Tetris-like tiles onto your boat to rescue cats and collect treasures creates an engaging and satisfying puzzle.
  • Incredibly well-produced cards, minis, and board: You'll be impressed by the quality of production on this refreshingly different game.

Goodies Inside

  • 30 cat figures, 85 cats, 42 fish tokens, 44 common treasures, 1 Vesh’s boat, 25 rare treasures, 6 oshax, 10 basket tokens, 4 player boats, 1 island board, 1 discovery bag, 1 scorepad, 150 discovery cards, 18 family cards, 5 solo colour cards, 23 solo basket cards, 10 solo lesson cards, 9 solo advanced lesson cards, 4 colour cards.


In The Isle of Cats, the arrangement of cats on your boat is critical. Here's how to use this tip to your advantage: Focus on filling your boat's Tetris-like grid efficiently. Try to complete rows or columns to maximise your points from the "Lesson" cards!

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