Tan Leather Dice Pouch


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Tan Leather Dice Pouch. Handmade with a stitched finish and matching leather cord. Bears the Latin motto Amor Fati.

Reasons to Love this Dice Pouch

The drawstring bag bears an exquisite Latin motto appropriate for an object with such potential power over your destiny - Amor Fati - Love thy Fate. It is an eternal message, an ancient philosophy that encourages us to gain from all things that life brings us; Victory is a chance for reflection and contentment, defeat is an opportunity to gain wisdom. As gamers, we all know the importance of both. One complementary leather dice bag is included with our premium gemstone and wooden dice sets.

The unusual typeface used for this dice bag was reclaimed and designed by our artists and is based on the carvings on a 14th Century Queen's tomb, housed in the British Museum, London.


- Accommodates up to 14 Dice

- Genuine Handcrafted Leather Product

- One Dice Bag included FREELY with every Gemstone and Wooden dice set purchased.

- Dice pictured are not included

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