Sunken Wreck - Double Layer Digital Map


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Sunken Wreck - Double Layer Digital Map

Gaming map - optimised for use on Digital Tabletops. 

Take your players on an underwater voyage - laying on the sand, deep underwater, between kelp fronds and silvery fish - there she is! At last, the long sought wreck. Now the riddle will be getting down there into her hull without sharing the fate of her former crew...

Reveal the wreck on a successful Perception check with two layers of useable map - or have the players successfully triangulate her position! Have the find as the culmination of a series of puzzles - or make the real puzzle getting down into the depths. Perhaps you'll situate a ghostly crew or nest of Merfolk here - or why not the vengeful ghast of her former skipper? Call us old fashioned, but an electric eel here and there is always terribly fun. The choices are as broad as the horizon - and your imagination, Captain.

Instant Delivery - 49p Package Includes:

- Sunken Wreck (Surface) - Digital Map .JPG (Gridless)

- Sunken Wreck (Surface) - Digital Map (with 20 x 15 Grid) 

- Sunken Wreck (Underwater) - Digital Map .JPG (Gridless) 

- Sunken Wreck (Underwater) - Digital Map (with 20 x 15 Grid) 


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