Snow Queen and Snowball the Polar Bear - 54mm Scale Digital Miniature


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Includes Snow Queen and Snowball the Polar Bear 54mm Supported and Unsupported .STL

Introducing the majestic "Snow Queen and Polar Bear" gaming miniature, a captivating duo that combines elegance, power, and the frosty beauty of the icy realms. This 54mm scale figure allows you to bring to life the enchanting Polar Warrior Queen and her loyal companion, Snowball the polar bear, on your own terms.

The Snow Queen and Polar Bear miniature embodies the essence of both regality and wilderness. The queen, adorned in a flowing gown of glistening ice-blue and silver armor, exudes an aura of authority and grace. Her icy crown reflects the glimmering beauty of the polar landscape, while her fierce expression portrays a determination that can withstand even the harshest blizzard.

By her side stands Snowball, a mighty polar bear companion who exemplifies strength, loyalty, and untamed wilderness. With every muscle carved in intricate detail, this fearsome yet majestic creature serves as both a symbol of the queen's dominion and a formidable guardian of the icy realm.

Prepared for your use by artist and sculptor Lucy Hateley, this highly-detailed, game-ready miniature features the Snow Queen and her faithful Polar Bear companion Snowball.

Compatible with 54mm scale, this miniature measures 54mm tall.

Available as an instant delivery digital .STL file 

DIGITAL PRINTABLE - Not a Physical Item. Instant Delivery.

Pack Contents

- Pre-supported .STL file of Snow Queen and Snowball

- Unsupported .STL file of Snow Queen and Snowball

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