Roads of Destiny - And Other Tales of Alternative Histories and Parallel Realms


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He spoke of a new kind of terremauvaise, of strange regions, connected, indeed, with definite geographical limits upon the earth, yet somehow apart from them and beyond them.

A youth comes to a literal fork in his road where all three paths contrive to end in the same violent fate; a beleaguered man finds his neuroses oddly mirrored in a dark parallel world co-existing with our own; Kaiser Wilhelm II, rather than abdicate, leads the High Seas Fleet on one last voyage.

Treading the path of that which never existed (in our reality, at least) and the otherworlds bordering our own version of Earth, this new collection brings together tales of strange parallel destinies, unexplored forks in humanity’s history, twisted pocket dimensions and forays into unsettling regions of Dark Fantasy.

Why We Recommend this Book

Roads of Destiny is a breathtaking collection that seamlessly blends history, fantasy, and the unknown. With its poetic prose and thought-provoking narratives, it stands as a captivating exploration of parallel destinies and the unseen realms that shape our understanding of reality. A collection of ideal inspiration. 

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