Restoration - Large Tin Candle


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There is naught in the world that cannot be embroidered back together by the magic of a goodly soul, young spellspeaker. A few jewelled words, a touch of silver light, a graceful touch - and every sorrow will surrender its crown to respite and healing…

Restoration Magic Candle

Home fragrance candle with a calming scent, evocative of a salve of green mosses and crisp vetiver stirred by the wind, enriched by notes of spring-harvested heartwood.

Inspired by sorcery and ancient magic, our pure soy-wax candles burn cleanly and evenly, radiating fragrance and light in your home sanctuary.

Key Features

- Candle inspired by Restoration Magic

- Comes in a beautifully adorned golden tin

- Large Tin burns for 25 Hours +

- Clean burning Pure Soy Wax

- Vegan

- Hand poured in England

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