Mega XXL Glow in the Dark Skull - Sharp Edge d20


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Mega XXL Glow in the Dark Skull - Sharp Edge d20

HUGE hand made sharp-edge d20 in an attractive foam-lined gift box.

Reasons to Love this Set

Hand-crafted in resin.

It's SO big! Measuring a whopping 65mm (a usual d20 measures around 16mm) this colossal d20 features a glow in the dark skull on a bed of dark resin. The clarity is exceptional, with the skull clearly seen through the faceted upper of the die. Hand-crafted and highly polished, this unique d20 is perfectly suitable for rolling - balance is not effected, as the skull is created with similar resin. 

An ideal gift, this huge d20 comes in an appealing black gift box with a holographic d20 motif on the top. Use it for those special rolls in game. 


Glow in the dark pigments are made from photoluminescent crystals. They absorb UV light and emit it as visible light, initially brightly, then with a long-lasting afterglow. This effect is best seen in darkness.


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Key Details

- Hand-made, hand-sanded, hand-polished sharp-edged dice.

- Huge d20

- Includes gift box

- Recommended for use in dice trays

- Note: The small d20s are not included - they are for size illustration purposes only.

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