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Playing time: 60 Minutes  Players: 1-5

Artisan dragons, the smaller and magically talented versions of their larger (and destructive) cousins, are sought by shopkeepers so that they may delight customers with their flamecraft. You are a Flamekeeper, skilled in the art of conversing with dragons, placing them in their ideal home and using enchantments to entice them to produce wondrous things. Your reputation will grow as you aid the dragons and shopkeepers, and the Flamekeeper with the most reputation will be known as the Master of Flamecraft.

Imagine a cosy market town, where crafty dragons whip up enchantments, bake bread and pot houseplants. Flamecraft is where pure charm meets masterful strategy, and it's no secret this game is a staff favourite here at Gametee.

The rules? Surprisingly intuitive. Your tiny artisan dragons are sought out by shopkeepers to help create special goods. You'll gather components and new dragons, all while admiring the whimsical artwork. This isn't a play-once sort of game - it will fast become a favourite with family and friends, with just the right level of difficulty to provide challenge and chances to players.

And the art? It's a feast for the eyes, vibrant and bursting with colour. The illustrations whisk you away to a whimsical world, and you'll soon come to recognise the loveable tiny dragons.

Now, the gameplay? Fast-paced and packed with surprises. Just when you think you have the perfect strategy, a rival player sweeps in with a fancy dragon and your tactics are upturned.

Flamecraft is a spellbinding concoction of strategy, creativity, and a pinch of luck. It's not just a game; it's a charming adventure that'll leave you hungry for more.

Why We Recommend This Game


  • Unique Theme: Flamecraft brilliantly blends resource gathering and strategy, creating a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that's both whimsical and engaging.

  • Accessible Rules: The game's rules are easy to grasp, making it a great choice for gamers of all skill levels, from newcomers to seasoned veterans.

  • Diverse Characters: With a variety of character cards, you can assemble your dream team of artisan dragons, each with their own flavourful abilities.

  • Stunning Artwork: The game's vibrant and imaginative artwork not only enhances the gameplay but also immerses you in a visually captivating world.

Goodies Inside

  • Neoprene Play Mat
  • 100+ Dragon, Fancy Dragon, Shop and Enchantment Cards
  • 210 cardboard goods tokens and coins for you to gather
  • 6 Wooden Dragon and Wooden Heart tokens
  • Player-friendly Rulebook


This game is ideal to play with friends and family looking for a very fun and relaxed experience at the table. There's room to speak and laugh!

Due to its weight and size, we can only ship this product in the UK.

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