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Dungeons & Dragons: Starter Set

Ah, the D&D Starter Kit, where the adventure begins! If you've ever dreamed of embarking on an epic quest with friends, this is your golden ticket. Inside, you'll find all the essentials: dice, character sheets, a rulebook, and a juicy adventure module called "Lost Mine of Phandelver."

The rules might seem daunting at first, but fear not, they're like your favourite recipe - once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze. Creating characters is a blast; you can be a daring rogue, a wise wizard, or a brawny barbarian - your imagination is the limit.

Now, the adventure itself? It's a rollercoaster of mystery, battles, and treasure hunting. DMs (Dungeon Masters) can flex their storytelling muscles, while players face tough choices. 

The D&D Starter Kit is like a portal to a world of endless possibilities. It's not just a game; it's a ticket to unforgettable nights filled with laughter, camaraderie, and tales of heroic deeds. So grab your sword (or spellbook) and embark on this incredible journey!

Why We Recommend This Set

A brilliant resource for new groups, the Starter Set features a concise but comprehensive 32-page rule book, and a full adventure module set in the Sword Coast region, which will be immediately familiar to new fans hoping to visit the world seen in the popular D&D movie. We found the "Lost Mine of Phandelver" to be a rich setting allowing for varied approaches to gameplay and free-roaming elements. 

Usefully, the rulebook can be passed around to players separately as the DM narrates and adjudicates the adventure. As a new DM, you will feel supported at every step by the hints and tactics detailed in the adventure.

Character Creation Lite: The rules give you pre-made characters to start, so you can skip the nitty-gritty of character creation and step into play swiftly.

Learn-As-You-Play: The rules are cleverly sprinkled throughout the adventure. As situations arise, you'll find explanations right there, making it a hands-on learning experience.

Gradual Complexity: The rules progress in complexity as the adventure unfolds. It's like levelling up in a video game - each step prepares you for the next challenge.

Master the Basics, Then Soar: Once you've got the hang of these starter rules, you'll be ready to spread your wings into the full-fledged Handbook for even more options, or perhaps even begin your own homebrew campaign!


  • Adventure book with everything the Dungeon Master needs to get started
  • Rulebook for playing characters level 1–5
  • 5 pre-generated characters, with character sheets
  • 6 high-quality polyhedral dice in marbled blue


While it is possible to play the game with the one set of dice included, it is recommended that each player and the DM have their own set. See our great value 3-for-2 acrylic dice for some unique options.

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