Destruction - Large Tin Candle

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What language does a flame speak? How does one talk glowing lightning into one’s palm, from the rolling black thunderheads above? By what strange means can one crystallise the very air into shards of ice? The Dark Art of Destruction has many answers, young spellspeaker…

Destruction Magic Candle

Home fragrance candle with a stirring scent, evocative of an ember-warmed offering of verdant white Oak and herbs, with accords of roasted nutmeg.

Inspired by sorcery and ancient magic, our pure soy-wax candles burn cleanly and evenly, radiating fragrance and light in your home sanctuary.

Key Features

- Candle inspired Destruction Magic

- Comes in a beautifully adorned golden tin

- Large Tin burns for 25 Hours +

- Clean burning Pure Soy Wax

- Vegan

- Hand poured in England

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