Destiny is in Thy Hands - D20 Hoodie


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Destiny is in Thy Hands - D20 Hoodie

Overcome fate and learn the incredible secrets of fantasy realms with our D20 Hoodie - the perfect garment to accompany you on any quest. Whether plotting malevolent schemes or striving to protect the land, the D20 hoodie is a elegant premium piece for any tabletop gamer.

Reasons You'll Love this Hoodie

Covered in arcane symbols and runes, each with individual mythical meaning, the striking hand-drawn design by AJ Hateley is exclusive to Gametee. With a deep cowl hood, this hoodie is supremely dark and elegant. Whether rolling high or low, Destiny is in Thy Hands!

Key Details

Silk-screened by hand in England. Limited Pressing. Comes with a free collectible Gametee Art Card.

- Premium Gamer Hoodie

- D20 Hoodie Design

- Full length metal zipper

- Dice Black

- Ultra comfortable unisex fit

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