Coin of Fate

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The Coin of Fate

Heavyweight Collector's Coin in Solid Golden Metal. Featuring a many-tailed Mesuline (a type of mythical river mermaid) on the obverse, representing 'tails' and a four-headed Chimera on the front, representing Heads.

Bearing a quote by the Bard himself, William Shakespeare:

What Fates Impose We Must Need Abide, It Boots Not to Resist Both Wind and Tide.

 Reasons to Love this Collectible

Use the Coin of Fate in your tabletop game, perhaps - We have designed a beautiful free printable with rules for using the Coin as a Wondrous Item in DnD. Or, simply keep it with you to for quick, fateful decision making...

- Heavyweight Coin

- Designed to be used alongside free Printable

- Desirable Gift for GMs, Players and Collectors.


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