Behind Blue Eyes - Premium Liquid Core Moving Eye Dice Set

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Behind Blue Eyes  - Premium Liquid Core Moving Eye Dice Set

Sharp-Edge Liquid Core dice set - the ultimate in dice sets.

The set includes a d4, d6, d8, d10, d100, d12, and d20. 

Reasons to Love this Set

A FULL set of moving eye dice, yes - even the d4 contains a moving eye!

What is a liquid core die? Simply put, probably the most captivating dice you'll ever own! These dice feature a moving eye within, which rolls upward to face you during every roll! 

Behind Blue Eyes contains a slitted pupil eye within each die in beautiful peacock blue. 

Note: Every dice has a tiny air bubble in the liquid - this is completely normal and a simple result of crafting and is designed to assist in the movement of the eye within.

Key Details

- Seven polyhedral dice

- Liquid core sharp-edge dice set 

- Recommended for use in dice trays

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