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Playing time: 30 - 45 minutes  Players: 2-4  Ages: 8+

Step into the world of Azul, a game as vibrant as a Mediterranean mosaic!

Imagine you're an artisan, crafting a masterpiece with colored tiles. Azul is like that, but with a sprinkle of friendly competition. The rules? Clear as a sunny day on the coast. Select tiles, place them in patterns, and aim for the highest score. It's like arranging puzzle pieces, but with a touch of strategy.

The components? They're a feast for the eyes - smooth, chunky tiles that feel like treasures in your hand. They're like gemstones waiting to be set in your mosaic.

Planning your moves feels like plotting a painting, deciding which colors will dazzle your design. And the choices! Do you grab that tempting set of blues, or risk waiting for more? It's like picking the perfect shades for your masterpiece.

Azul is quick to learn but offers layers of depth. It's a game that welcomes both beginners and seasoned players, making it a gem in any game collection. With its elegant simplicity and gorgeous aesthetics, Azul is a masterpiece in its own right, ready to bring colour and creativity to your gaming table.

In summary, Azul is a game that effortlessly combines accessibility, strategy, and aesthetics. It's a perfect addition to any board game collection and an excellent choice for those seeking a beautiful, engaging, and enjoyable gaming experience.

Why We Recommend This Game

  • Elegant Aesthetics: The game's visual design and tile-laying mechanics evoke a sense of artistry and creativity, adding to the overall enjoyment.
  • Quick Setup: Azul is a breeze to set up, allowing you to start playing and enjoying the game in no time.
  • Beautiful Components: The game boasts high-quality, tactile tiles that not only enhance the gameplay but also make it visually appealing.
  • Strategic Depth: Beneath its simplicity lies a satisfying layer of strategic decision-making, where you'll need to plan and adapt your tile selections to maximise points.

Goodies Inside

  • 100x Resin Tiles
  • 4x Player Boards
  • 9x Factory Displays
  • 4x Scoring Markers
  • 1x Starting Player Marker
  • 1x Linen Bag
  • 1 Rulebook


Design your mosaic with an eye for symmetry. Completing rows and columns can earn you bonus points. Aim for a balanced and harmonious pattern. Adapt to Opponents: Be flexible in your strategy. If you notice your opponents are competing heavily for specific colors or patterns, consider shifting your focus to less contested options.

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