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The sky is an ocean and you are the tide. Drifting through space, far from the Material Planes, drenched in starlight. You wander the open deck like a ghost, expecting feelings of uncertainty to wash over you, but instead you feel purpose. Your hands grasp the mast of the ship and you climb, the vessel’s gravity keeping you steady. You reach the top and gaze out into the vast interstellar sea. Stardust kisses your hair and your skin, clothing you in golden glimmer.

You reach into your pocket and produce a single dice from its set of seven and lift it into the air, as though you plucked it straight from the sky. An entire universe contained within a stone, with flecks of copper mimicking the thousands of stars that surround you, watchful, waiting…

Nightstone / Blue Goldstone Gemstone Dice Set

Complete set of seven polyhedral dice hand-carved from precious Blue Goldstone - also known as Nightstone. Each dice is exquisitely shaped by hand, with glittering golden numbers finely engraved - not printed - into the stone itself. Due to the unique natural beauty of this gemstone, colour, translucency, lustre and finish will differ between each piece - no two sets will ever be alike. Truly, individually, forever your own.

Reasons to Love This Set

Representing wisdom, courage, energy, and self-acceptance, Blue Goldstone glitters as it rolls, seeming to contain a starscape of individual points of light. Said to provide a connection to the divine, it is a stone which some believe can promote psychic function and empathy. Created in Venice in the 17th century, it is said that Goldstone's original form may have been discovered accidentally by ancient Italian alchemists.

There really are no words to capture the full beauty and attractiveness of this stone - one must see it in motion.



Key Details

- Includes complimentary hand crafted Leather Dice Pouch with the Motto 'Amor Fati' - Love Thy Fate - Worth £5.99 and included freely

- Luxury Blue Goldstone / Nightstone Gemstone Dice

- Seven precious polyhedral dice

- Hand-made and hand-engraved

- Recommended for use in dice trays

Director's Notes Regarding Gemstone Dice

Please Note - We use real gemstones to create our dice. Striations, patterns, and differences in the mineral are natural and to be expected. Due to the nature of natural minerals, your unique dice may feature differences in colour, texture, and translucency to the set pictures. Importantly, your natural mineral dice are hand-crafted, not machined, and so may have faces that are slightly different in size. Engraved numbers may be off-centre, depending on seams or facets of the stone. There may be small differences in balancing between sets, due to the weight of the gemstone. We encourage you to embrace the individual beauty of natural precious stones and the age-old process of hand-crafting. Hard surfaces may damage your stones; please consider this when rolling.

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