From Clay - 5e Adventure Book


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From Clay - 5e Adventure Book

Written by AJ Hateley and Emily Pardoe-Billings. Illustrated by AJ Hateley. Sculpture by Lucy Hateley.

A Three-Part Plug-and-Play 5e Compatible Adventure for Parties from Level 3 - 5

"Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay

To mould Me man? Did I solicit thee

From darkness to promote me?"

Presenting "From Clay" - a tribute to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - a harrowing adventure in three acts, compatible with fifth edition

A 80 Page Fully Illustrated Soft Cover Book

Your vagabond adventurers embark on a treacherous ascent up a colossal mountain, where they stumble upon a frozen castle enshrouded by ice and fog. Within its walls, the Baronet has delved into forbidden experiments, meddling with the boundaries of life and death. Before they can reach the castle's heart, your adventurers are confronted by a horrifying abomination - one of the Baronet's vile creations, brought to life through illicit alchemy and unlawful sciences. The Monster implores your wayward travellers to venture forth and seek vengeance against the creator who has callously discarded his experiments...

Designed to easily plug-and-play into existing DnD 5e campaigns, this adventure takes between 9 and 12 hours to run, and is divided into three acts, equating to three suggested gameplay sessions.

Digital Assets

You will also receive a bundle of digital assets to assist you with creating your adventure, including seven battle maps, combat tokens, and a flat lay printable puzzle.

Miniature Bundle 

The Sculpture

Also available to bundle with this book is a statuette of the Monster in either brass or solid bronze. Suitable for both play and display, this sculpture of the Monster stands at 60mm (2.3inches) tall. 

Each sculpture  is 100% solid metal poured in a real foundry and each is an individual work of art with subtle differences.

Key Details

- Suggested for parties of around level 3 - 5

- 80 page full colour soft cover book, printed on 170gsm FSC® Certified paperstock

- Includes digital assets

- 80 Pages

- Sculpture bundle available

- Limited Edition 

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