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What began as an Art Card series loved by our many customers worldwide has been enhanced, perfected, and is now available as a full-size, Premium, Silver-Gilded Deck of 22 Exquisitely Illustrated Cards....

The Deck of Many Destinies is a beautiful object to encourage reflection, energise gameplay and create a bridge between you, your characters, and fate. It is a profoundly beautiful artistic exploration of familiar, Tarot-like archetypal concepts.  

Use as a Deck of Many Things or customise rules for each card.

Funded in Just Three Minutes on Kickstarter

Featuring penmanship and historically-inspired artwork by AJ Hateley (Master of Design in Visual Communication, Winner of the Penguin International Design Prize, Art Director of Gametee) the swirling penmanship and meticulous engraving-style illustrations are suited for any campaign or scenario. 

Whether your campaign is Dark, Light, High fantasy, Low Magic, Steampunk, Cthulhu, or Traditional Dungeoneering, this deck-artefact will slip seamlessly into the worlds of your creation to await discovery…  

Reasons to Love This Deck

Discover the Deck as a story telling device, or employ your boundless ingenuity to create random encounters or events using the artwork as inspiration. Create your own home-brewed rules for each card and surprise and delight your players with wealth and honour… Or pitch them headlong into the most pitiful lows of wretchedness and disaster!  

Key Features

- High-Shine Mirrored Silvered Edges

- Matching Lavishly Decorated Tuck Box with Gloss Lamination with Hidden Motto

- Full colour borderless printing Tactile Rounded Edges

- 22 Card Tarot Sized (70mm x 120mm) Cards 350gsm High-Quality Cardstock with Gloss Anti-Scratch, Anti-UV Lamination on Front and Rear 

  •  Vizier
  •  Sun
  •  Moon
  •  Star
  •  Comet
  •  Fates
  •  Throne
  •  Key
  •  Knight
  • Gem
  • Talons
  • Void
  • Flames
  • Skull
  • Idiot
  • Donjon
  • Ruin
  • Euryale
  • Rogue
  • Balance
  • Fool
  • Jester

- Print your free Printable Rules booklet featuring an accompanying illustration, explanation and verse for every card.

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