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The tiniest gem might hold a veritable maelstrom of magic! Great spells might waver in the fabric of the plainest cloak! This is the Enchanter’s work. Their magic is written into the souls of things, young spellspeaker, eternal poetry in warp and weft! Feel the hilt, or the hood, or the shimmering chainmail - and feel those great Mages' signatures!

Enchantment Magic Candle

Home fragrance candle with a seductive scent, evocative of a sorcerous golden philtre with aromatic notes of patchouli and warm, precious amber.

Inspired by alchemy and ancient magic, our pure soy-wax candles burn cleanly and evenly, radiating fragrance and light in your home sanctuary.

Key Features

- Candle inspired by Enchantment Magic

- Comes in a beautifully adorned silver tin

- Large Tin burns for 25 Hours +

- Clean burning Pure Soy Wax

- Vegan

- Hand poured in England

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