Mega XXL Zodiac d20 - Sharp Edge d20



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Mega XXL Zodiac d20- Sharp Edge d20

HUGE hand made sharp-edge d20 in an attractive foam-lined gift box.

Reasons to Love this Set

Hand-crafted in resin, featuring a beautiful rendition of the zodiac wheel around every attractive numeral. 

An ideal gift, this huge d20 comes in an appealing black gift box with a holographic d20 motif on the top. Use it for those special rolls in game. 


This d20 pairs very well with our range of Zodiac-themed Magic Items. 

Key Details

- Hand-made, hand-sanded, hand-polished sharp-edged dice.

- Huge d20

- Includes gift box

- Recommended for use in dice trays

- Note: The small d20s are not included - they are for size illustration purposes only.

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