Merchant's Misfortune- 5e Module Digital Adventure


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Merchant's Misfortune - 5e Module Adventure - Not a Physical Item. Instant Delivery.

Maps presented at 4k resolution.

"The Adventuring Party finds a merchant under attack by bandits in the middle of a narrow mountain pass. After helping the merchant, she explains that she has been cursed because of a relic she stole from the good witch Rose. This powerful amulet brings grave misfortune to anybody who wears it and the only way to end the curse is to return it from whence it came. The heroes will have to venture through the Faewhisper Forest in search of her realm; testing their wits against the fae, striking deals with shady characters and staving off one unlucky turn after another."- Merchant's Misfortune

Recommended for an average party level of 1- 3.


Pack Contents

- 36 Page Multipage .PDF Booklet suitable for Printing, if you so wish.

- 4K Resolution Digital Maps, including;

  • 4K Resolution XL Maps;
    Ambush Valley (Plain and Gridded), Garden Dungeon (Plain and Gridded) and Roses Garden

  • 4K Resolution Mandrake Cottage - 2- Level Digital Map (Plain and Gridded)

  • 4K Resolution Faewhisper Forest - 2- Part Digital Map (Plain and Gridded)

  • 4K Resolution Faewhisper Forest - 2- Part Animated Map (4096x3072px Animated MP4)


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