The Book of Elder Gods



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Masterpiece Edition. Featuring improved leather thickness and finish.

The Book of Elder Gods

Dark, unholy, and utterly breathtaking - we present the Book of Elder Gods. Tightly bound, it is designed to keep dark secrets. With shining silver skull draw cord end caps tips and intricately embossed designs on front and rear, this is a collector's piece that Lovecraft fans will treasure for many years.

Reasons to Desire The Book of Elder Gods

Treasure your gaming memories in our finest Leather Notebooks; Finely hand-crafted from a seamless piece of thick hide, and finished using an ancient method of oak bark tanning, each soft, supple notebook is masterfully embellished with a highly detailed embossing of one of our beautiful designs. Each intricate pattern is gently and permanently applied to the leather, creating raised and relieved designs that are a pleasure to run your fingers across. Created from the finest full-grain leather, retaining the characterful marks of hide, each notebook is left unpolished, ensuring it will develop a desirable rich and natural patina with age.

Embossed Front and Rear 

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn - a profane prayer - decorates the Notebook rear.

Key Features

  • Historic leather wrap binding  
  • Finest full-grain supple oiled hide
  • Refillable
  • Includes paper management slots, pen straps, and pockets
  • Detachable Brass D20
  • Enormous capacity for further papers and accessories

Complimentary Accessories and Notebooks

  • Includes free gilt-embossed drawstring velvet dust bag
  • Contains four free Internal Notebooks - Lined, Squared, Plain and Craft (Worth £12.99)


Each leather notebook contains four interchangeable notebooks - perfect for keeping track of multiple campaigns and characters. They are effortless to remove and replace with similar books of around 210mm x 140mm size - we recommend using our refills, or seeking out books with an optimal width of 145mm. Wider books such as A5 will fit, but may overspill a little depending on their thickness. Customise your journal to your own liking.



An improved version of the original Gametee: Finest Leather Notebook for Gamers Collection Book of the Elder Gods


  • Heavyweight 0.6kg
  • Full-Grain Ethically sourced Bovine Leather
  • 155 x 220 mm / 6 x 8.5 in
  • Gaming Notebook

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