The Experiment - Moving Eye Sharp-Edged Resin Dice Set


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The Experiment - Moving Eye Sharp-Edged Resin Dice Set

Complete set of seven sharp-edged polyhedral dice, hand poured, polished and sanded to extraordinary fineness.

The Experiment has Escaped!

Crafted from hand-poured resin, this special seven piece set has TERRIFYING MOVING EYES! The eyes roll as your dice do - always facing up. The one exception to this is the d4, which has a stationary eye - the d4 is just a little small to accommodate the fluid-filled bubble in which the rolling eye sits. The d4 also has filed down points for extra durability.

Check out the video for an idea of what these crazy creations look like when they roll!

@gameteeuk These GHASTLY EXPERIMENTS are ideal for spooky season! They’re watching you… #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dungeonmaster #dndtips #gamingontiktok #gamingmemes #fyp #dice #d20 #roleplayer #halloweenishere #halloweendice ♬ Somebody's Watching Me - Single Version - Rockwell

They are the ideal companion for spooky season, set in vivid green resin. 


Key Details

- Hand-made, hand-sanded, hand-polished sharp-edged dice.

- Includes complimentary travel case

- Seven polyhedral dice

- Hand-made and hand-engraved

- Recommended for use in dice trays

Director's Notes
Due to the nature of hand-pouring, hand-sanding, hand-inking and hand polishing, sharp-edged dice are as perfect as is achievable by human hands. Some dice might have tiny sprue marks. Unlike acrylic dice sets, which are tumbled and machined for smoothed and even edges, sharp edged dice must be finished by hand in a very demanding sanding process to achieve the very fine sharp planes. There is no means to mass produce these dice. Expect to see tiny variations in faces. They are similar to gemstone dice sets in that we only recommend them for use in a dice tray.

Resin can be delicate. Sharp edges are hazardous and these dice are collector's items unsuitable for children. Please consider this when playing.


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