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Occult Botany: Sédir's Concise Guide to Medicinal Plants

An impressive, classic text on esoteric traditional herbalism from one of the most influential herbalists to have ever lived. 

Translated from the original French by R. Bailey

Merging the scientific discipline of botany with ancient, medieval, and Renaissance traditions of occult herbalism, this seminal guide was first published in French in 1902 as a textbook for students of Papus’s École hermétique and sparked a revival in the study of magical herbalism in early twentieth-century France.

A Comprehensive, Illustrated Dictionary

• Includes a dictionary of nearly 300 magical plants with descriptions of each plant’s scientific name, common names, elemental qualities, ruling planets, and zodiacal signatures, with commentary on medico-magical properties and uses

Occult Methods and Esoterica 

• Explores methods of phytotherapy and plant magic, including the Paracelsian “transplantation of diseases,” ritual pacts with trees, the secret ingredients of witches’ ointments, and the composition of magical philters

Gnostic Knowledge

• Explains the occult secrets of phytogenesis, plant physiology, and plant physiognomy (classification of plants according to the doctrine of signatures)


Indispensible for true students of the potion in all its forms, this excellent and comprehensive guide is recommended for those with a special interest in magical herbology.


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