Evil Roots - Killer Tales of the Botanical Gothic



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Evil Roots - Killer Tales of the Botanical Gothic

Strangling vines and meat-hungry flora fill this unruly garden of strange stories, selected for their significance as the seeds of the villainous (or perhaps just misunderstood) 'killer plant' in fiction, film and video games.

Step within to marvel at Charlotte Perkins Gilman's giant wistaria and H. G. Wells' hungry orchid; hear the calls of the ethereal women of the wood, and the frightful drone of the moaning lily; and do tread carefully around E. Nesbit's wandering creepers

Every strain of vegetable threat (and one deadly fungus) can be found within this new collection, representing the very best tales from the undergrowth of Gothic fiction.

‘It has been my aim and endeavour to resuscitate the animal in the plant.’ – Carnivorine, by Lucy H. Hooper

A curious collection that has inspired many of our most unsettling sessions of DnD. Absolutely filled with fine one-shot inspiration.

Sit in quiet happiness as you read tales of botanists weening shoots on their blood, deadly specimens collected, anthropomorphic orchids, moaning lillies and monstrous vines. The botanical gothic is an underlooked genre; it should not be missed by those playing Druids, or sharing a connection to the natural. DMs and campaign writers will find truly unique adventure inspiration in each short story - in equal parts alluring and chilling.


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