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The Coin of Questions - Coin I of the Coins of Wonder

If you can look into the sands of time and say which seed will grow and which will not, speak then unto me.

The Coin of Questions - The Decision Maker. Compel a truth from the GM, or use as an oracle coin in game or elsewhere. Push forward the action with instant decisions...

Enhance Your Game. Tell Great Stories.

The Coins of Wonder are Wondrous Items, designed with love in England, with accompanying rules for instant use in your Fifth Edition game. Bring them to the table - each has functional gameplay mechanics. Include them in your game to enhance play, captivate players, build narrative and encourage powerful storytelling. 

- Heavyweight Coin in Brass

- Exceptionally well-captured details

- The Coin measures 3cm in diameter and 2mm in depth.

  • Includes gorgeously illustrated physical Rules sheet.
  • Compatible 5e Rules available are also available in the Coins of Wonder Companion Deck and complimentary Digital Printables.



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