Thrifty Trades of Fey - A System-Free Thrift Shop Zine



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Thrifty Trades of Fey - A System-Free Thrift Shop Zine

Rummage Your Way Through a Fey Thrift Shop Stacked to the Seams with Bizarre Bargains and Fantastical Oddities. System Free!

Gather your wits and prepare to dive head-first into a thrift shop stacked to the seams with bizarre bargains and fantastical oddities!

Welcome to the Thrift Shoppe; a crooked boutique which appears in the twilight between realms. An eccentric collection awaits you - gently-used magical junk, outgrown occult oddities, and second-hand sorcerous scrap - all available for trade!

Prepare for amusement, absurdity, and a touch of fey mischief. But, buyer beware! Trades with the fey are not without consequences. Every unexpected bargain comes with a twist, a turn, or a tad more mischief than bargained for. The price may be low - but remember, the fun might be at your expense! 

A 36 Page Fully Illustrated Zine

Contains everything you need to run a shopping trip to the Fey Thrift Shoppe. Stock your shop with the included origami fortune teller mechanic!

Digital Product Included

You will also receive a digital .PDF of this zine.

Key Details

- System Free, suitable for any fantasy world / RPG and any player level.

- Lovingly printed on Acid-Free 120gsm Uncoated Recycled Stock

- Includes Origami Fortune Teller

- FSC® Certified 

- 36 Pages

- Written and illustrated by AJ Hateley and Emi Pardoe-Billings


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