Whistling Thorn Acacia Wooden Dice Set

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Acacia Drepanolobium
Origin: East Africa

Whistling Thorn Acacia Wooden Dice Set



Complete set of seven polyhedral dice hand-carved from Whistling Thorn Acacia wood. Each dice is exquisitely shaped by hand, with numbers engraved, not printed, into the wood.



Reasons to Love This Set



With a usefulness known for millenia, Acacia was said to be the wood used in the construction of the fabled Arc of the Covenant, as it was so enduring. When cut, the wood has a sweet fragrance and a beautiful variety of contrasting patterns. Sometimes featuring ribbon-like darker or lighter tones, the wood has a high level of polish.



The remarkable Acacia tree is naturally resistant to fire, and the name, Whistling Thorn, comes from the sound made by the wind as it moves through the large, hooked thorns of the tree.



Key Details



- Includes Complimentary Hand-Made Leather Dice Bag - Worth £5.99



- Luxury Whistling Thorn Acacia Dice Set



- Seven polyhedral dice



- Hand-made and hand-engraved



- Recommended for use in dice trays



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