Whispers of the Elder God - Sharp-Edged Resin Dice Set

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The hill dwarf had an unforgivable sin among his peers: He was afraid of the dark.  What jest they made of him, a miner who was lost in the dark, blubbering like a newborn babe.  For hours he cried out for help, begging for rescue.  All he wanted was a light. It was only after the sobbing stopped that one of the elders called for a search party.  Deep in an abandoned shaft, they shone their torches over the remains of their comrade, face forever stained with unrelenting horror.  His blood seeped into the stone beneath; the emeralds for which he had paid so dearly.  As the elder reached for the stones, they shone with an eldritch light, extinguishing the torches in its chill.  As the sound of scratching claw and guttural moaning encircled them, they learned it was not the dark he had feared.  It was what dwelt within. 

Whispers of the Elder God - Sharp-Edged Resin Dice Set

Complete set of seven sharp-edged polyhedral dice, hand poured, polished and sanded to extraordinary fineness.

Reasons to Love this Set

Crafted from hand-poured resin, this set is characterised by deepest black pigment and flashes of brilliant, strange green. Light-catching mylar inclusions make every angle appealing. Darkly beautiful, incredibly sharp, and seemingly brimming with eldritch energy.

Key Details

- Hand-made, hand-sanded, hand-polished sharp-edged dice.

- Seven polyhedral dice

- Hand-made and hand-engraved

- Recommended for use in dice trays

Director's Notes
Due to the nature of hand-pouring, hand-sanding, hand-inking and hand polishing, sharp-edged dice are as perfect as is achievable by human hands. Some dice might have tiny sprue marks. Unlike acrylic dice sets, which are tumbled and machined for smoothed and even edges, sharp edged dice must be finished by hand in a very demanding sanding process to achieve the very fine sharp planes. There is no means to mass produce these dice. Expect to see tiny variations in faces. They are similar to gemstone dice sets in that we only recommend them for use in a dice tray.

Resin can be delicate. Sharp edges are hazardous and these dice are collector's items unsuitable for children. Please consider this when playing.

Lore by Micah Rodney

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