Watermelon Sherbert - Harlequin Acrylic Dice Set

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Watermelon Sherbert - Harlequin Acrylic Dice Set

Set of seven polyhedral Acrylic dice with a smooth, silk-like satin feel. Each die has harlequin colours - unique, beautiful varigations that closely resemble resin-work.

Reasons to Love this Set

Possessing some of the most intense colours and varigations possible in acrylic, Harlequin dice are captivating in their appearance. Be mesmerised by the interplay of translucencies and solid colour. Imagine juicy watermelon tones, interesting luscious hues, and bands of tempting, spiralling pastel greens.

Key Details

- Unique appearance between sets - no two are alike.

- Watermelon Coloured Harlequin Dice Set

- Smooth, silk hand-feel.

- Acrylic Dice Set containing seven polyhedral dice.

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