Tunnel of Love - 5e Adventure Zine


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Tunnel of Love - 5e Adventure Zine 

Grab a partner! Take your party on a rip-roaring and hilarious voyage through the Tunnel of Love, a series of cavernous crystalline chambers inhabited by a wildly witty, drag-artiste inspired Fey Goddess of Love! 

With the promise of treasure and a boon in the form of a great fairy blessing, this love and friendship themed mini-adventure is certain to get hearts racing!

The foothills north of the port of Westsun are unremarkable during the day; ancient cobblestone paths and marble structures serving as memorials to a long forgotten elven civilisation. But at night, if souls pure of heart and deed should wander the derelict structures and spiring pines, they may find themselves drawn to the glow of fairy lights around an ancient Ludusite cavern...

Forgotten to mortals is the legend of this magical place: of the fey who resides within whom delights in, and generously rewards, the purest love.

But no ordinary affection is deserving of such a boon. If lovers or friends of stout heart are willing to face the trials of the forgotten Goddess' lair, their union may be blessed by primordial magic as thrilling as young passion and as enduring as true love.

A 32 Page Fully Illustrated Adventure Zine for Parties of around Level 3

Contains everything you need to run Tunnel of Love, including combat encounters, riddles, puzzles, stat blocks, settings, and guidance on checks and roleplay. Players will have a chance to earn unique pieces of Ludusite Jewellery, each with fascinating abilities, and earn the boon of a fairy Goddess - if they can entertain her!

Digital Product Included

You will also receive a digital .PDF of the adventure zine, digital tokens to assist in play, and three unique zine-style battlemaps designed for this adventure.

Key Details

- Suggested for parties of around level 3

- Lovingly printed on Acid-Free 80gsm Kaleidostock with gorgeous rainbow-coloured pages.

- FSC® Certified 

- 32 Pages

- Limited Kickstarter Edition (First Printing)


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