The Horseman's Head - Double Size Limited Edition Candle

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Gametee Halloween Inspired Candle - The Horseman's Head

Ensnare the unsuspecting with wicked scent of infernally hot cinnamon and darkest notes of pumpkin spice.

Transport yourself to a time of petticoats, leather bound-books, of seasons turning golden in sleepy Westchester County. Harvest parties, placid Autumnal days - and starless nights of horror, spectral flashes of brimstone and fire, with hooves thundering...!

Highly sought after and extremely limited edition, our Halloween Candle 'The Horseman's Head' pays respect to 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' written by  Washington Irving in 1820, whilst the Author was at leisure travelling in the heartlands of England, where our business is based.

Pair with our free Sleepy Hollow Map...

Reasons to Desire this Candle

- Highly Limited Edition

- Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Scented Candle

-  Extra Large size candle in Ornamental Brass Tin

- Vegan

- Hand-made in England

- Inspired by the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

- Burns for double the amount of time as a standard size Gametee candles, up to 45 hours


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