The Golden Marseille Tarot (Gilded Cards)

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The Golden Marseille Tarot

The most precious edition of the Golden Marseille Tarot ever created.

An Exquisite Tool, Glinting Gold at Every Angle

What you are holding in your hand is the deck of Marseille Tarot drawn in 1751 by Claude Burdel, to which a new colouring and gilding has been added to make it even more evocative and capable of stimulating intuition and the imagination. Gold is the perfect metal, as hit has the splendour of light and is universally considered the symbol of perfection: it represents knowledge, truth, spiritual evolution, and contact with the divine part presence in each of us. For this reason this deck can be a source of inspiration for both reading the tarot and for using the cards for meditation, introspection and personal growth. - Anna Maria Morsucci


Key Features

- Restored from the original woodcut by Claude Burdel (1751). 

- All Cards and Box richly gilded, making for a spectacular deck

 - 78 cards, 66x120mm

-  Contains multilingual instructions and information

- Printed by La Scarabeo, Spain.

How Tarot Works

Tarot is a visual tool for unlocking creativity, intuition, and ideas. Every time you lay the cards you will observe different combinations of numbers, symbols, suits and images. Each time you come to the cards you will find yourself in a different mood and circumstance. Therefore, between you and the cards you will always discover fresh insights and information.

Using the Tarot is simple. Flip a card. Gaze at the image. Tell the story of what you see. The more you study and practice, the deeper you will go, and the better you will become. Tarot works differently for every individual because no two people are alike. Each of us has unique gifts, sensibilities and intentions when we greet the cards. Tarot's effectiveness and ultimate use depends on who uses it and how they use it. Once you develop your reading ability, you will cultivate your own unique reading style.

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