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What exclusive club would be complete without a little gambling?

Londoners do love a game of cards, from the honey-dens of Veilgarden to the back rooms of the exclusive House of Chimes. 

The suits (Bats, Hats, Cats and Rats) and individually-illustrated face cards are rich with Neathy flourishes and characters: the Banded Prince, Jack of Smiles and even the Traitor Empress herself all appear.  This illustrious deck has seen some life in the Neath, but it remains entirely suitable for any of your favourite Surface card games. Find the right game, and perhaps you'll win your Heart's Desire.

Produced in collaboration with Failbetter Games, to celebrate ten years of Fallen London: the internet's finest text-based Victorian alternate history roleplaying game!  

Key Details

- 55 Uniquely Illustrated Bridge-Sized playing cards - a traditional sized deck smaller than Poker size selected to be appropriate for the setting and period.
-  Bats, Cats, Rats and Hats Suits - Fully Playable, including two Jokers and a Rules Card

- Every card a distinctive work of art created by Master Illustrator and Winner of the Penguin International Design Prize AJ Hateley.

- Produced in Limited Quantities
- Featuring secrets and references to be unravelled by discerning minds
-  Each deck sealed with a gilded sticker
- Beautiful mirror-shine Golden Edges
- Bridge Sized (3.50 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide / 56mm width and 87mm height) Cards on  350gsm High-Quality Cardstock with Gloss Anti-Scratch, Anti-UV Lamination on Front and Rear
-  Matching Tuck Box with Gloss  Lamination and Hidden Motto

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