Secret Sample Sale - Leather Gaming Notebooks

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The Secret Sample Sale - An Event for Kickstarter Backers Only

Your opportunity to purchase heavily discounted prototype, sample, ex-display or marked Notebooks. These pieces deserve a loving home, too.

Thank you for supporting the creation of our Finest Leather Notebooks for Gamers!

*Please understand that these Notebooks may have the following issues:*


During production, we do of course generate samples that are created to test the pressure of debossing. Some of these Notebooks feature very faint or partial embossing. Some feature very deep debossing. Some have alternative draw cord caps in differing colours and materials. The very faintly debossed ones could easily be reworked with leather tools.


Available in this event are some of our initial prototypes used for photography and filming in the Kickstarter campaign. Generally these notebooks feature lighter debossing than the final products.


Some Notebooks have been placed aside in our routine inspections because they have been deemed to have marks. These marks can be, for example, freckles from the leather, scores or scars on the leather in a prominent place, figures written on the inner suede from measuring and crafting (which can potentially be removed), pencil marks from cutting, or dye marks in inconspicuous areas.


There is one Elder Gods Notebook available which requires binding manually. The leather (with appropriate holes pre-made) elastics, draw cord end caps and refills are all provided for you to do this but it is very much a DIY piece. It is actually rather fun to bind these Notebooks and is simple work - just follow your existing Notebook! We're currently working on a new edition of this design, so this is the last of its kind.

All Notebooks are otherwise Complete

All Notebooks contain refills and are sold with draw cord end caps (that may differ from the finished product) They are all still entirely useable and have no issues which will affect their ability to be used.

Each Notebook

- Contains Four Refills in Lined, Craft, Plain and Squared Papers.

- Complete with Velvet Dust Bag

- Draw Cord End Caps are present but may differ

- May feature any of the above issues

- Less than twenty available, so please be quick to avoid disappointment.

Please note: We are not offering refunds on these products for any issues relating to the superficial marks and differences detailed above.

*Understand fully before purchasing this item that you are buying a Notebook that may have any of the issues listed above. Make sure you are 100% happy with that fact before investing.*




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