Runes - The Gods' Magical Alphabet (With Runes and Rune Bag)


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Runes - The Gods' Magical Alphabet

Tools to Connect You to the Magic of the Universe 

  • Contains a Full Colour 144 page Illustrated Guide Book with Explanation on Reading Runes
  • A Full Set of 25 real wooden Runes
  • A Protective Rune Bag

Approach the runes with a benevolent instinct, an open heart, and an honest spirit, and truths will be revealed to you.

Discover the secret of magic runes with Runes: the Gods' Magical Alphabet. This powerful kit will connect you to the divinatory messages the runes are eager to offer. Stamped on fired wood, these symbols of the ancient Germanic alphabet connect like the letters of a word to give you the answers you seek. The kit contains twenty-five runes, a bag for protecting them, and a comprehensive guidebook to explain their use. The book provides a deeper understanding of the runes, allowing you to master their messages for yourself and others.



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