Roary - Destroyer of Worlds


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... Oh, you're unfamiliar with Roary? Destroyer of Worlds? Despite his diminuitive stature and youth, Roary assures us he is nothing less than a exemplary and connsumate destroyer of villages, towns, the occassional continent, and of course, worlds. He's unquestionably a devourer of Kings - and he's positively charred more Knights to cinders than you've had hot dinners. Really? Still not ringing any bells? Why just last week he swears he destroyed several worlds somewhere near Canada. Or was it New Zealand?

Perhaps you could just offer him a little guidance in the provision of fiery villainy. Or find him a nice comfortable hoard to watch over, somewhere, in a bedroom or office.

One Roary Adopted = One World Destroyed - Or Possibly Saved? You Decide, MORTAL!

- Quality 30cm Plush Dragon, partially bean filled for weight

- Smooth, Tactile Plush

- Designed by British Toymaking Company Suki

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