Ranger Spellbook Cards D&D


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Ranger Spellbook Cards D&D

Official Dungeons and Dragons Spellbook cards. Quickly reference Spells and Abilities for your chosen Class - an essential for Players.

An Indispensible Resource for Players

Consult the Spellbook cards when selecting new Spells to learn or prepare and keep them on hand for rapid reference. Speeds up gameplay and combat. Full spell and mechanical descriptions are given on each Card with the Spell level clearly displayed on the card rear. Usefully, scaling spells are detailed along with their possible improvements, and the thick, laminated cards are compatible with dry-marker for your notes.

Designed for robust play, each card is UV laminated - tough enough to stand the test of time at your table.

Key Features

- Ranger Deck features 46 premium quality cards

- Essential reference material for players that enhances gameplay

- Suitable for Ranger Class.

- No more distracting use of printed pages, mobile phones, screens or multiple books - keep your Spellbook cards to hand, consult them quickly, and spend more time playing!

- Revised edition

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