Polar - Giant Liquid Core d20

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Polar - Giant Liquid Core d20

Premium large (33mm) Liquid Core d20 with a glitter core.

Reasons to Desire

A majestic example of the dice-maker's art. Roll to truly see the magic awaken - the swirling glitter liquid core is whipped into a storm with every motion. Even when the glitter settles, there's a beautiful effect - it seems to capture the light, and cast it back upwards.

Much larger than the average d20, this giant d20 is the colour of wind-carved polar ice. We love its cold and serene beauty, which awakens like a furious Arctic blizzard when tossed on the table.

Note: All liquid core dice contain a small air bubble; this is a completely normal result of the hand-made process undertaken to create them and assists with stirring the inner fluid and microglitter within. 

See the video below for a closer view:


@gameteeuk Giant. Liquid Core. D20s. Need we say more? #dnd #dndtiktok #dnd5e #dndmeme #fyp #dice ♬ Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

Key Details


- Liquid Core Sharp-Edge d20 Dice

- Giant d20, measures 33mm

- Premium Liquid Core Dice

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