Norse Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII


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Norse Myths That Inspired Final Fantasy VII

By M.J. Gallagher

Cover and interior illustrations by Kayley Henderson.

Final Fantasy is one of the most iconic and beloved videogame series in the world. Since its inception, its titles have adopted names, themes, and stories from across global mythology, including the beliefs of the Vikings.

This book embarks on a detailed exploration of how Norse lore in particular influenced the writing and design of Final Fantasy VII – arguably the most critically acclaimed of the franchise – and its wider compilation.

Why is Midgar the political centre of the Planet and Nibelheim the home of Cloud Strife?

How are the Odin Materia, the Rune Blade, and Vincent Valentine connected?

What are the parallels between Ragnarök and the fall of the Shinra Corporation?

These questions and many more will be examined and answered by award-winning author M. J. Gallagher. Suitable for newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

This book is a work of original analysis. It has not been approved, licensed or sponsored by any entity or person involved in creating or producing Final Fantasy, the videogames, films, or publications.

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