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Masamune Original (Black Finish)

Gametee: Our Finest Tactical Titanium Pen

Technology, Craftsmanship, and Design combine to form the Ultimate Tactical Titanium Pen. Widely accepted as the greatest Japanese swordsmith to have ever lived, Masamune blades are mythic works of art, capable of parting waterfalls and cutting leaves that fell upon them. Inspired by the legend, we engineered our finest finish to honour the name of Masamune.

Reasons to Desire a Masamune

Our Masamune edition has been achieved by coating the commercially-pure titanium in diamond-like carbon during the manufacturing process. The dark, light-drinking, smooth finish is unequalled in beauty and sophistication. Sleek, slim, and extremely effective when necessary.

In the spirit of Japanese swordsmithing and craftsmanship, we will individually name every pen that leaves us.

No two pens will ever share the same name and will be totally unique to you.

Key Features

- Created from one rod of Grade 5 titanium.

- Minimal and elegant.

- A highly effective emergency tool.

- Will never rust or bend.

- Non-toxic and 100% biocompatible.

- Screw top for stability and strength.

- Concealed Glass breaker tip makes these pens the ultimate in tactical safety.

Specifications - Compatible with 40+ major 'Parker Style G2' refills (98mm x 6mm) - Includes OHTO refill - Solid precision-engineered Titanium with non-slip grooves and custom tooled titanium pocket clip. - Weighs just 1.1 ounces/31 grams (inclusive of refill) - Measures 11.8cm length (cap on)14.6cm length (posted) 1cm Width - Extremely affordable luxury-grade pen.

Shipping - All items are fully tracked and insured with expedited worldwide delivery.

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