Inventio - Antique Wooden Bobbin Three Minute Sand Timer


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Inventio - Antique Wooden Bobbin Three Minute Sand Timer

A small sized distinctive glass sand timer and an everyday essential for gamers. Place it on your desk, bookshelf or table with favourite games and puzzles or incorporate it into your game to bring a sense of urgency to your play.

Reasons to Desire this Hourglass

"Everything that has Existed, Lingers in the Eternity." -  Agatha Christie

The Inventio Three Minute Sand Timer is hand-crafted from a single antique thread bobbin used in the Victorian era in cotton and wool production. The hundred year old wood and pewter bears a heritage of different marks and knocks which contribute to the little timer's grand story. Every single one is different. Some are even streaked with deep tool marks where every last scrap of cotton was gleaned from the bobbin with knives.

Is it not truly incredible to think that one of your very ancestors might have worn cloth woven by bobbins such as this?

A unique piece which combines usefulness, history and British industrial heritage.

The bobbin's journey of over a hundred years now continues with you. 

Key Features

- Hand-Made Sand Timer

- Measures approx 12.5cm H x 5.8cm Base / 4.9 inch H x 2.2 inch Base

- Made from a Genuine Antique Bobbin from the Victorian era by a single artisan

- Times Three Minutes

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